The rapid development of the then State Elec­tricity Commission of Victoria (SEC) and other major institutions throughout the valley during the 1960s and 1970s affected the development of smaller towns such as Boolarra and Yinnar. The decline in Boolarra’s population reversed during this period when workers coming to Latrobe Val­ley began to appreciate its rural lifestyle.

This has been reflected in new layers of housing in the town and acreages in the hills. Sections of farming properties have been subdivided to pro­vide large blocks for people who work in Latrobe Valley but are attracted to a rural lifestyle, where they can have a substantial garden and a few live­stock.

This embracing of a rural lifestyle has meant a revitalisation for small rural towns like Boolarra where new residents also chose to relocate and re­furbish Yallourn houses to house blocks in Bool­arra and the community also relocated a Yallourn building to house its infant welfare centre and playgroup.